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Late Summer 2017 Newsletter

Late Summer 2017 Newsletter
» President's Message
» Editor's Corner: Sisyphus Has Nothing on Us!
» 2017 Annual Meeting & Preliminary Program
» NESS Member Needs Assessment Survey
» Recorder's Message
» A Message from the Committee on GME & Candidate Membership
» New Members Elected in 2017
» NESS Job Board
» Foundation News, including Scholars Research Grant

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New Members Elected in 2017

Twenty-eight new Active members were elected into the Society in 2017. Please welcome the following:

Wasef Abu-Jaish, MD, Burlington, VT
Gregory T. Banever, MD, Springfield, MA
Aziz Benbrahim, MD, Meriden, CT
Brian J. Carmine, MD, Boston, MA
Emily R. Christison-Lagay, MD, New Haven, CT
Nicolas Jabbour, MD, Springfield, MA
Hiroko Kunitake, MD, MPH, Boston, MA
Peter D. Leff, MD, Meriden, CT
Jamie Loggins, MD, Lewiston, ME
Stephanie N. Lueckel, MD, Providence, RI
Anoop M. Meraney, MD, Hartford, CT
Suniti N. Nimbkar, MD, South Weymouth, MA
Ashling O'Connor, MD, Worcester, MA
Juan Palma Vargas, MD, Portland, ME
Patrick M. Forgione, MD, Burlington, VT
David L Giles, MD, West Hartford, CT
Kristen Glasgow, MD, Bridgeport, CT
Jordan R. Gutweiler, MD, Cambridge, MA
Robert Hagberg, MD, Hartford, CT
Roy Phitayakorn, MD, Boston, MA
Christine M. Rader, MD, Hartford, CT
Erika L. Rangel, MD, Boston, MA
Michael P. Robich, MD, MSPH, Portland, ME
Patricia Sheiner, MD, Hartford, CT
Margaret A. Tandoh, MD, Burlington, VT
Kelly M. Tyler, MD, Springfield, MA
Joseph R. Wagner, MD, Hartford, CT
Sandra L. Wong, MD, Lebanon, NH

Thirteen new members were elected as Candidate members since the last Annual Meeting. Please welcome the following:

Courtney Collins, MD, Hartford, CT
Isidore Dinga Madou, MD, New Haven, CT
Neeta J. Erinjeri, MD, New Haven, CT
Trenton Foster, MD, Milford, CT
Ryan J. Hendrix, MD, Worcester, MA
Maureen V. Hill, MD, Lebanon, NH
Abraham E. Jaffe, MD, Worcester, MA
Asif K. Mustafa, MD, PhD, New Haven, CT
Conor O'Neill, MD, Burlington, VT
Andrea M. Steely, MD, Burlington, VT
Daniel C. Thomas, MD, MPH, New Haven, CT
Alia Whitehead, MD, Burlington, VT
Calvin Young, MD, New Haven, CT