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Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 Newsletter
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Summary of the 2018 Annual Business Meeting

The 2018 Annual Business Meeting was held on Sunday, September 23rd, in the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Portland Harborview in Portland, Maine.

Report of the Secretary

Dr. Touloukian referred the Membership to Dr. David Clark’s formal report in the Annual Meeting Program Book.

Dr. Clark was called to the podium to present additional information for the Secretary’s report. Dr. Clark reminded those present that all candidates being proposed for new membership consideration need to be submitted via the online membership module on the NESS website. He added that only candidates proposed during Caucus are to be submitted and encouraged submission of data in support of those candidates before December. In addition, he informed the Membership that, by mid-November, the list of all potential Active, Senior, and Affiliate candidates would be sent to the current membership for comment and feedback. These steps would ensure adequate paperwork review by the State Representatives prior to the winter interim meeting of the Executive Committee.

Dr. Clark also reminded those present of the criteria for Affiliate Membership. If a member wishes to sponsor an Affiliate Membership applicant, such person must:

  • Be a resident outside the New England States and within either the United States or Canada;
  • Have either Fellowship in the American College of Surgeons, fellowship in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, or certification by an ABMS surgical specialty board or Canadian equivalent; and
  • Have an unrestricted license (or an inactive license due to retirement) to practice medicine and surgery in the state or province in which s/he practices or resides.
Dr. Clark further mentioned that applicants for Candidate membership may be sponsored at any time, as such applicants are vetted through the GME & Candidate Membership Committee on an as-needed basis throughout the year. This process permits for both more expeditious advancement of a trainee’s membership and a potential for longer periods of membership at the Candidate level and its requisite benefits.

Dr. Clark reported that in 2018 the Executive Committee of the Society met on January 9th via conference call, May 8th in Waltham, Massachusetts, and again on Friday, September 21st, in Portland, Maine, with the following being action and informational items from those meetings:

  • Formed a Task Force on Diversity in Surgical Leadership, which will perform a critical analysis of where the NESS is and how it can improve.
  • Decided, given the space limitations at the Portland venue, to incorporate ePosters into the 2018 Annual Meeting, which allows the Society to accommodate more poster presentations.
  • Voted to eliminate any dues requirements for Candidate members.
  • Recognizing that the Society does not rely on its investment portfolio performance for day-to-day operations, voted to shift the Society’s investment portfolio to a less conservative asset allocation, and to transfer additional monies into the portfolio.
  • Decided to hold the 26th Annual Surgical Resident and Fellow Research Presentation Day again at Waltham Woods Conference Center, within the headquarters of the Massachusetts Medical Society in Waltham, Massachusetts.
  • Agreed that the 2021 Annual Meeting should be held in Connecticut, should a suitable venue be identified.

Report of the Recorder

Dr. Walter E. Longo read the names of members who were known to have passed away and had not yet had their names read before the Membership at any previous Annual Business Meeting; thus, the following list includes members who may have died prior to September 10, 2017:

Frederick Ackroyd, MD, Palo Alto, CA
John W. Braasch, MD, Lincoln, MA
Allan E. Dumont, MD, Orono, ME
Martin E. Felder, MD, Somerset, MA
Eugene W. Grabowski, MD, Bennington, VT
Martin Koplewitz, MD, Shelburne, VT
Jack S. Parker, MD, Westwood, MA

The Membership stood for a moment of silence in memory of the departed members.

Report of the Treasurer

Through the use of slides, Dr. John E. Sutton, Jr., Treasurer, presented a financial report for the year-end as of December 31, 2016. Total year-end Receipts as of December 31, 2017, were $219,574. These consisted of: $107,890 in Dues & Assessments; $4,500 in contributions toward the 2017 Research Day; $50 in Publications revenue related to the Centennial History Book; $106,787 in receipts for the 2017 Annual Meeting; and $347 in General and Administrative receipts, which includes revenue from membership mailing list rental, job board commissions, and non-investment-portfolio interest income.

Total year-end Disbursements of $208,113 which consisted of: $87,735 in total General and Administrative expenses; $1,620 in total Publications expenses; $6,012 in expenses toward the NESS Research Day; $101,220 in Meetings and Education disbursements for the 2017 Annual Meeting and a $5,000 deposit for the 2019 Annual Meeting hotel; and $6,526 in Officers and Committees expenses.

Dr. Sutton also noted the following details on last year’s Annual Meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire:

  • Receipts from attendee registration, education grant support, and exhibitors were all below budget. Total receipts were $28,676 (21.4%) below budget.
  • Expenses came in $21,525 under budget. With lower registration came lower-than-budgeted function costs.
  • The Annual Meeting deficit was $16,031; a deficit of $8,880 had been budgeted.

Report of the Audit Committee

Dr. Touloukian called upon Dr. Drs. Andrew J. Duffy, who, along with Dr. Ian R. Neilson, had served on the Audit Committee. He reported that the Audit Committee met Saturday morning with staff and affirmed that the Fiscal Year 2017 balance sheet and tax forms are accurate and complete.

VOTED to approve the Report of the Audit Committee.

Report of the New England Surgical Society Scholars Foundation

Through the use of slides, Dr. Charles H. Salem, NESS Scholars Foundation Secretary-Treasurer, presented a financial report for the year-end as of December 31, 2017. Total Assets as of December 31st were $241,595 which included $16,083 in the Checking and Money Market Accounts, and $225,512 in the investment portfolio. The Reconciliation portion indicates beginning cash on January 1, 2017, of $230,834 with a year-end Centennial Fund balance of $422 and an operating surplus of $10,339, resulting in the total assets of $241,595.

Total year-end receipts of $40,696 consisted of: $20,850 in contributions; including $500 in donations to the Centennial Fund; $3,100 in initiation fees; and $16,746 in investment revenue. Total year-end Disbursements were $30,357, which consisted of: $7,250 in Annual Meeting Honoraria and Awards, including expenses for the Mixter Lecture, Nathan Smith Award, and Resident, New Member, and Poster Presentation Prizes; the $3,000 annual contribution toward the NESS Research Day; $10,000 for a single year of Scholars Research Grant funding; $4,000 for the joint ACS/NESS Health Policy and Management Scholarship; $3,982 in General & Administrative costs, including $1,149 in investment management fees; a $1,928 transfer from the Foundation’s Centennial Fund to the NESS; and $197 in Foundation Board expenses.

Dr. Salem reminded those present that the mission of Scholars Foundation is to provide financial support to enhance the clinical and educational opportunities of the membership of NESS in their efforts to strengthen the discipline of surgery in New England. Activities currently supported by the foundation include; the Scholars Research Grant, which advances innovative surgical research via multiyear support. The recipient of this grant is awarded $10,000 in the initial year; the grant can then be renewed by review of the NESS Scholars Foundation Board of Directors for a succeeding year, for up to an additional $10,000.

Dr. Salem notified the members that Dr. Dr. Khashayar Vakili, of Boston Children’s Hospital received the 2018-2019 scholars grant for his project, “Personalized Cell Therapy Using Gene-Edited Liver Progenitor Cells for the Treatment of Inborn Errors of Metabolism”.

The Foundation also supports the ACS/NESS Health Policy and Management Scholarship, which subsidizes attendance and participation in the Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management at Brandeis University. The 2018 Scholarship was awarded to Dr. John R. Romanelli of Baystate Medical Center. Dr. Romanelli then presented his report.

Dr. Salem further mentioned that the Foundation supports:

  • The Spring Resident and Fellow Research Presentation Day, all four winners of which presented posters at this Annual Meeting;
  • The Annual Samuel Jason Mixter Lecture;
  • The Nathan Smith Award; and
  • The New Member, Resident Essay, and Best Poster Prizes at the Annual Meeting.
Dr. Salem reminded each member that his/her Contribution Level is cumulative, determined by the sum total of all donations over time. He thanked those NESS members who had contributed to the Foundation in the past year.

Report of the Program Committee

Dr. Kari Rosenkranz, Chair of the Program Committee, provided a report on abstract submission and selection, registration, invited speaker sessions, and other items related to the organization of the scientific programming at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Report of the Archives Committee

Dr. Thomas A. Colacchio, Chair of the Archives Committee, provided a report on the committee’s plans and activities.

Report of the Task Force on Diversity in Surgical Leadership

Dr. Anne C. Larkin, delivered a report of the Task Force on Diversity in Surgical Leadership’s activities. Opportunities to serve on this committee was discussed.

Report of the Representatives

Dr. Touloukian referred to the reports contained in the Program Book from the Society’s Representatives to the American Board of Surgery, American College of Surgeons Board of Governors, and American College of Surgeons Advisory Council for Surgery.

Report of the Nominating Committee and Election of Officers

Dr. Touloukian called upon Dr. David L. Berger, to present the Report of the Nominating Committee.

Dr. Berger noted that the Committee consisted of Drs. Bruce J. Leavitt and Michael J. Zinner, and himself as Chair. The Committee submitted the slate in the following order:

RecorderKari Rosenkranz., MD
TreasurerPeter J. Mazzaglia, MD
SecretaryJames Whiting, MD
Vice PresidentDavid E. Clark, MD
President-ElectWalter E. Longo, MD

Introduction of New President-Elect

Dr. Walter E. Longo was then escorted to the podium and the Membership congratulated him on his election. Dr. Longo thanked the Society and remarked how he was looking forward to leading the organization.

Introduction of Incoming President

Dr. Touloukian called Dr. Richard J. Barth to the podium to assume the Presidency of the Society. Dr. Touloukian presented Dr. Barth with the Society’s ceremonial gavel.

On behalf of the Society, Dr. Barth expressed appreciation to Dr. Touloukian for his years of leadership work in the NESS and provided him with a Plaque of Appreciation in recognition of his invaluable service as President.

Dr. Touloukian expressed his gratitude for the privilege of serving the NESS and thanked the Executive Committee and the Membership.

Dr. Barth took a few moments to discuss the 2019 Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and encouraged all to attend.