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Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 Newsletter
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President's Message

Richard J. Barth, Jr., MD, President NESS
Richard J. Barth, Jr., MD

As I write this message, five days before the deadline for abstracts for our Annual Meeting, I hope that most of you are more disciplined than me. No matter how hard I try to get the results analyzed and conclusions arrived at well in advance, it always seems like I am working with my residents to get that abstract together a few days before it is due….I certainly hope that many of you are planning to submit some groundbreaking, controversial, or at least thought-provoking studies for our Program Committee to consider at our May meeting.

I am certain that our 100th meeting, in Montreal, will be a memorable one that you will not want to miss. Matt Conway, the Program Chair, and I have decided to try something new this year. Instead of a panel discussion on Saturday morning, we plan to have three debates. The whole membership will be involved: you get to vote on a controversial topic before and after it gets debated by surgical experts. Plus, you will get a chance to challenge the debaters. I will keep you in suspense about the topics, but can tell you that Tom Tracy, our former President, and Dave Mooney will be squaring off (be careful Tom, Mooney recently finished training for a black belt in karate). Gerry Doherty and Meredith-I refuse to be intimidated-Sorensen will be battling it out in the second round with a topic that I know Blake Cady wishes he could be debating. Blake’s trainer, however, decided that it was unwise for him to get his heart rate up too high. Finally, I will be taking on a heavy-hitter from Michigan, Jenn Walljee in the third debate. We are also eagerly anticipating what I am sure will be an illuminating discourse on Sunday from Monica Bertagnolli, our Samuel J. Mixter lecturer.

I send my best wishes to all and look forward to seeing many of you at the Surgery Resident and Fellow Research Presentation Day, Tuesday, May 7, and at our Annual Meeting in September.


Richard J. Barth, Jr., MD