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9:00 AM Introduction and Welcome
9:10 AM 1. Capsaicin Vagal Deafferentation Leads to Improvement in Glucose Homeostasis in Obese Diabetic Rats.
Tara Deelman, Hina Y Bhutta, Ali Ardestani, Ali Tavakkoli
Brigham and Women's Hospital
9:20 AM 2. Alcohol Consumption Mitigates Apoptosis and MTOR Signaling in Chronically Ischemic Myocardium
Nassrene Y. Elmadhun MD, Antonio D. Lassaletta MD, Ashraf Sabe MD, Thomas Burgess, Frank W. Sellke MD
Brown University
9:30 AM 3. Novel KIT/CSF1R Inhibitor is Superior to Imantinib in a Spontaneous Mouse Model of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)
Teresa Kim, MD, Michael J. Cavnar, MD, Eric C. Sorenson, MD, Jonathan B. Greer, MD, Noah A. Cohen, MD, Adrian M. Seifert, MD, Megan H. Crawley, BS, Benjamin L. Green, BS, Shan Zeng, MD, PhD, Ronald P. DeMatteo, MD
9:40 AM 4. Intestinal alkaline phosphatase is an endogenous anti-inflammatory factor.
Mussa M. Rafat Mohamed, Konstantinos P. Economopoulos, Palak Patel, Omeed Moaven, Madhury Ray, Abeba Teshager, Nur Muhammad, Kanakaraju Kaliannan, Sulaiman Hamarneh, Seyed M. Abtahi, Sayeda N. Alam, Nondita S. Malo, Angela K. Moss, Madhu S. Malo, Richard A. Hodin.
Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
9:50 AM 5. Eph-B4 Activation Reduces Neointimal Hyperplasia in Human Saphenous Vein
Daniel Wong, BA, Clint Protack, MD, Kota Yamamoto, MD-PhD, Daniel Lu, BS, Michael Hall, MD, Willis Williams, MD, Roland Assi, MD, Hualong Bai, MD, Nirvana Sadaghianloo, MD, Alan Dardik, MD-PhD
Yale University
10:00 AM 6. Routine Intraoperative Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Monitoring during Thyroidectomy
Rachelle Damle, Kate Dinh, Anne C. Larkin, Robert Quinlan, Giles Whalen
University of Massachusetts
10:10 - 10:30 AM Break
10:30 AM 7. The Impact of 2011 Duty Hours Regulations - Perceptions of Surgical Program Directors
Brian C. Drolet MD12; Mamoona T. Khokhar, MD1; Suma Sangisetty MD1; Thomas F. Tracy MD MS1; William G. Cioffi MD1
1Department Surgery, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island; 2Division of Plastic Surgery, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island
10:40 AM 8. Prevention of Antibiotic-Associated Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in Mice by Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase
Konstantinos Economopoulos, Rizwan Ahmed, Shahrad Hakimian, Palak Patel, Jorge F. Haller, Kanakaraju Kaliannan, Abeba Teshager, Omeed Moaven, Sayeda N. Alam, Mussa M. Rafat Mohamed, Sulaiman R. Hamarneh, Nur Muhammad, Atul K. Bhan, Madhu S. Malo and Richard A. Hodin
MGH/Harvard Med School
10:50 AM 9. Mortality and Management of Surgical Necrotizing Enterocolitis in the United States
Melissa A. Hull MD1*, Jeremy G. Fisher MD1*, Ivan M. Gutierrez MD1, Brian A. Jones MD1, Kuang Horng Kang MD1, Michael Kenny MA2, David Zurakowski PhD1, Biren P. Modi MD1, Jeffrey D. Horbar MD2, Tom Jaksic MD, PhD1
*Co-First Authors 1Department of Surgery, Children's Hospital Boston, 2Vermont Oxford Network, Burlington, VT
11:00 AM 10. Dynamic YAP Phosphorylation During Liver Regeneration in a Rat Hepatectomy Model
James Grijalva1, Fernando Camargo1, Ghazaleh Sadri-Vakili 2, Khashayar Vakili1
1Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA, 2Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
11:10 AM 11. Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase Prevents Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury in Mice.
Sulaiman R. Hamarneh1, Kanakaraju Kalliannan1, Qingsong Tao1, Konstantinos P. Economopoulos1, Mussa M. Mohamed1, Palak Patel1, Abeba Teshager1, Nondita S. Malo1, Seyed M. Abtahi1,Nur Muhammad1, Omeed Moaven1, Atri Raychowdhury, Sayeda N. Alam1, Atul K. Bhan2, Madhu S. Malo1, and Richard A. Hodin1.
1Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 2Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
11:20 AM 12. A Novel Approach to Targeted Oncologic Therapy - Co-Culture Viability of Polymer Prodrug Conjugation to Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Kaitlyn Wong, MD, N. Panzarino, MS, Samantha McRae, BS, Richard Arenas, MD, Sallie Schneider, PhD, T. Emrick, PhD
Baystate Medical Center
11:30 AM 13. Programmed death-1 promotes the expansion of pro-inflammatory Th17 cells and neutrophils in a murine model of obstructive jaundice
Lauren A. Licata, MD, Cang T. Nguyen, BS, Rachel A. Burga, BS, Mitchell Thorn, PhD, Vincent Falanga, MD, N. Joseph Espat, MD, Alfred Ayala, MD, Richard P. Junghans, MD, PhD, Steven C. Katz, MD.
Roger Williams Medical Center
11:40 AM 14. Targeted Quantitative Amniotic Cell Profiling: A Potential Novel Diagnostic Tool in the Prenatal Management of Neural Tube Defects
Elliot C Pennington, MD; Fabienne L Gray, MD; Azra Ahmed, BS; David Zurakowski, PhD; Dario O Fauza, MD, PhD
Boston Children's Hospital
11:50 - 12:50 PM Lunch
12:50 PM 15. Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Renal Function
Ali Ardestani, N. Fliti, A. Tavakkoli
Brigham and Women's Hospital
1:00 PM 16. Epidemiology and Outcomes of Community Acquired C.difficile Infections in the Elderly
Courtney E Collins, MD, M. Didem Ayturk, MS, Julie M. Flahive, MS, Fred A. Anderson, Jr, PhD, Heena P. Santry, MD
University of Massachusetts
1:10 PM 17. Discriminating Thyroid Nodules in Real Time Using an Integrated Elastic Scattering Biopsy Syringe
Nicholas J. Giordano, Hyunsuk Suh, Eladio Rodriguez-Diaz, Ousama A'amar, Irving J. Bigio, Stephanie L. Lee, Jennifer E. Rosen
Boston University
1:20 PM 18. Early Serum Amylase and Lipase is Predictive of Pancreas Allograft Half-Life
Lisa Ratanaprasatporn, Paul E Morrissey, MD, Staci Fischer, MD, Reginald Gohh, MD, Terri Montague, MD, Jason Machan, PhD, Kevin P Charpentier, MD
Brown University
1:30 - 2:30 PM Keynote Speaker: Frank W. Sellke, MD, FACS
Brown University Medical School
2:30 PM 19. Predictors of major amputation with patent bypass grafts
Ann DeBord Smith MD, Alexander T. Hawkins MD, MPH, Maria Schaumeier MD, Louis L. Nguyen MD, MBA, MPH
Brigham and Women's Hospital
2:40 PM 20. Impact Of Pre-Operative Weight Loss On Bariatric Surgical Outcomes
Mustafa Al-Shammari, Ali Ardestani, S. Shikora, Amanda Vernon, Matthieu Robinson, J. Chung, Ali Tavakkoli
Brigham and Women's Hospital
2:50 PM 21. High Cost and Low Yield: Routine Preoperative Restaging CT in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
Jennifer Davids, Karim Alavi, JA Cervera-Servin, CS Choi, Paul R Sturrock, W. Brian Sweeney, Justin A. Maykel
University of Massachusetts
3:00 PM 22. Impact of Insurance Type on Pancreatic Cancer Outcomes: A Decade-Long Review
Mariam Eskander, Zeling Chau, Sing Chau Ng, Tara S. Kent, Jennifer F. Tseng
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
3:10 PM 23. Resident Teaching Conferences Improve Medical Student Performance on Surgery Shelf Exams
Steven Y Chao, MD, Beth A Ryder, MD, David T Harrington, MD
Rhode Island Hospital
3:25 PM Awards

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