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Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Severe Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Treated With and Without Hyperbaric Oxygen

George A Perdrizet1, Patrick Worth2, Justin Moher2, Brian Solomon2, Caesar Anderson2, Christine Shapter2
1University of Connecticut/Hartford Hospital, Hartofrd, CT;2University of Connecticut/Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT

Objective: Efficacy of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO2T) for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFU, Wagner Class 3 & 4) has been established. We wish to present our experience in 25 diabetic patients who received HBO2T in accordance with UHMS Guidelines and compare to 25 diabetic patients that did not receive HBO2T.
Design/Setting/Patients: Observational study, sequential series of 25 patients with a DFU (Wagner Class 3 or 4) that received = 30 HBO2T treatments over a 6-week period, and for whom there was 10 week follow-up. Demographics, wound parameters and vascular assessments were obtained from the patients’ clinical records. A comparison of data sets was performed using the Fisher Exact test for diachotomous data and Student’s t test for continuous data. Statistical significance was reached if p = 0.05. IRB approval was obtained prior to data extraction.
Main Outcome Measures: include percentage healed/not healed and percentage of amputations (minor and major) at 10 weeks after completion of HBO2T.
Results: A total of 50 patients met inclusion criteria as having a Wagner Class 3 or 4 DFU, 25 of whom received = 30 HBO2T..
DFU- with HBO2TDFU-without HBO2T
Number of Patients2525
Mean age (yrs)64±1475±12
Mean wound size (cm2)/range20±22 (0.2-84)15.4±15(0.5-46)
Mean initial tissue oxygen tension (mmHg)31±1842 ±22
% healed
(No. healed/not healed)
56 (14/11)32 (8/17)
% amputation
(No. amp/ not amp)
16 (4/21)32 (8/17)

Conclusion: Diabetic patients treated with HBO2T for Wagner’s Class 3 or 4 foot ulcers had 56% chance of healing and 15% chance of amputation. Diabetic patients not receiving HBO2T had a 30% chance of healing and a 30% chance of amputation.

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