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90th Annual Meeting Abstracts

Microwave Ablation (MWA) of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using a Novel 2.45 GHz Ablation System
*David Sindram, MD PhD, *Ajita S Prabhu, MD, *Srikanth Padma, MD, *John B Martinie, MD, David A Iannitti, MD
Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC

Objective: MWA is a new ablation technology in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma. A 915 MHz MWA system has been available in the US, and recently a novel 2.45 GHz system was introduced. Theoretically, a 2.45 GHz system allows for higher energy delivery and a more spherical microwave field, potentially reducing operating time, the need for multiple antennas and overlapping fields. Results of the first 15 ablations with the new 2.45 Mhz system are described.
Design: A retrospective analysis in a prospective database
Setting: Academic tertiary referral center
Patients: 15 consecutive patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing MWA ablation with the novel 2.45 GHz system
Intervention: Ablations were performed using the novel 2.45 GHz MWA system (Microsulis, Denmead, UK) at 100 Watts in the OR and performed under strict ultrasound guidance.
Outcome measures: Patient demographics, ablation parameters, recurrence rates.
Results: 15 patients (12 male, 3 female, mean age 58.2) underwent 22 ablations between 8/1/2008 and 3/15/2009. 11 patients had one lesion, 3 with 2 lesions and one patient had 3 lesions. 4 patients were pretreated with TACE. One case was performed open, 14 cases laparoscopically. The average tumor size was 2.9 cm. In one case a concomitant resection was performed. Mean ablation time was 6.7 minutes. One ablation was incomplete, completed percutaneously. Mean F/U was 4.9 ( range 1-15) months. Local recurrence in one, regional recurrence in two, no recurrence in 10 patients. Two patients transplanted, with no recurrence in explanted liver.
Conclusion: Microwave ablation with the new 2.45 GHz system is effective and fast. Low local recurrence rate is encouraging. Comparative analysis with RFA and 915 MWA systems should be undertaken.


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