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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts

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MicroRNA-222 Modulates Tamoxifen Resistance In Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Hyunsuk Suh, Susana Wishinia, *Susannah Orzell, *Samuel Kim, *Frances Tangherlini, *Samir Sur, *Stephanie Lee, Jennifer E Rosen
Boston University, Boston, MA

• Establish baseline sensitivity of papillary thyroid cancer cell line BCPAP and breast cancer cell line MCF7.
• Correlate the miR222 level and their effect on Tamoxifen sensitivity by manipulating miR222 level.

• Basic science experiment
• Academic institution.

• None.

• Tamoxifen treatment to ER+ BCPAP and MCF7
• Transfection of above cell lines with antimiR222, premiR222 and negative control scramble RNA to modulate the level of miR222.
•Tamoxifen treatments.

Main Outcome Measures:
• Proliferation assays
• Apoptosis assays

• MCF7 and BCPAP cells show similar baseline sensitivity to Tamoxifen (P < 0.01)
• Decreasing the level of miR222 (via antimiR222 transfection) increased sensitivity of Tamoxifen in both BCPAP and MCF7 cell lines in respect to the control group (P < 0.05).
• Increasing the level of miR222 (via premiR222 transfection) induced Tamoxifen resistance in respect to the control group.
• Tamoxifen induced apoptosis in MCF7 and BCPAP cells.

• BCPAP cells display near identical sensitivity and mechanism of resistance to Tamoxifen to that of breast cancer cells. Single transfection of miR222 modulating agents can alter the sensitivity to Tamoxifen.
• miR222 may have its role via the estrogen receptors and subsequent apoptotic pathway
• Estrogen may play an importance role in thyroid cancer, and anti-estrogen drugs may provide a new therapeutic treatment option for thyroid cancers

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