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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts

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Thoracoscopic Stabilization of the Chest Wall
Suresh Agarwal, Jr.1, *Joseph Petrzelka2, *Manas C Menon2, *Clara J Stefanov-Wagner3, *Dimitris M Chatzigeorgiou4, *Michelle E Lustrino4, *Alex Slocum4
1Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA;2Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA;3Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridgew, MA;4Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Objective: State of the art of rib fixation requires invasive placement of osteosynthesis plate through relatively large thoracotomy incisions. Unfortunately the procedure is associated with a high morbidity and may aggrevate, instead of alleviate, pain symptoms in patients undergoing the procedure. Our aim was to design and test a minimally invasive method by which to place osteosynthesis plate at site of rib fracture.
Design: we designed and tested a novel tool for stabilizing ribs utilizing video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS).
Setting: level one trauma center and engineering laboratory
Patients: necropsy porcine model
Interventions: placement of osteosynthesis plate utilizing thoracoscopy
Main Outcome Measures: feasibility of placing plate utilizing minimally invasive approach in porcine model
Results: a six hole osteosynthesis plate was placed utilizing VATS for exposure with minimal technical difficulty.
Conclusions: Thoracoscopic stabilization of chest wall fractures may be accomplished utilizing a minimally invasive approach, thus decreasing the morbity associated with tyhis procedure.

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