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Summer 2015 Newsletter

Summer 2015 Newsletter
» President's Message
» Editor's Corner
» 2015 Annual Meeting & Preliminary Program
» A Message from the Committee on GME & Candidate Membership
» New Members Elected in 2015
» NESS Job Board
» Foundation News, including Scholars Research Grant Awardee
» Amendments to the NESS By-Laws

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President's Message
David L. Berger, MD, President NESS
David L. Berger, MD

The New England Surgical Society Meeting is only a few weeks away. The summer is winding down and the new academic year is rapidly approaching. I would like to invite all of our members to come to the 96th Annual Meeting of the NESS which will be in Newport, Rhode Island at the end of September. More...

Editor's Corner
Bruce J. Leavitt, MD
Bruce J. Leavitt, MD

We are in the middle of another wonderful New England summer. It just hit 90 degrees in Vermont in mid-July, but it is now difficult to remember how cold it was last winter. The winter was so tough that it seemed like a long time for spring to come. I hope all of our members are spending time with family and friends this summer. More...

2015 Annual Meeting & Preliminary Program
2015 Annual Meeting and Call for Abstracts
Join us for the NESS 96th Annual Meeting. September 25-27, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency in Newport, Rhode Island. An exciting program has been assembled including stimulating scientific sessions, 43 poster presentations, a panel discussion, networking social events, and award presentations. Attendees will experience a memorable, rewarding, and educational Annual Meeting experience while earning CME with self-assessment. More...

A Message from the Committee on GME & Candidate Membership
Summer is upon us, which brings a new academic year to our medical schools and hospitals. Young and eager residents begin their journey toward becoming the surgeons of tomorrow. So in this season of change, it seems a fitting time to bring the Membership up to date on several exciting changes for our Society! More...

New Members Elected in 2015
Twenty-eight new Active members were elected into the Society in 2015 More...

NESS Job Board
The NESS reminds you to check out its Job Board, where you will find all of the best surgery jobs in New England and beyond, in one place. More...

Foundation News, including Scholars Research Grant Awardee
The NESS Scholars Foundation is thrilled by the number of Scholars Research Grant submissions received in the award's second year. Thank you to the many NESS members who submitted grant applications, and congratulations to the 2015 Scholars Research Grant recipient, Dr. Robert A. Cowles of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. This grant is made possible by the many generous contributions from NESS members this past year; thank you for your continued support. More...

Amendments to the NESS By-Laws
The NESS Executive Committee has approved three proposed amendments to the Society By-Laws that will be voted upon by electronic ballot within 30 days following the 2015 Annual Meeting. More ...