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Late Winter 2017 Newsletter

Late Winter 2017 Newsletter
» President's Message
» Editor's Corner: Are There Safe Spaces in Surgery?
» Recorders' Message
» Notice of 2017 Annual Meeting and Call for Abstracts
» Notice of 2017 Resident and Fellow Research Presentation Day
» Foundation News, including Scholars Research Grant
» NESS Job Board
» 2017 Dues Renewal
» Photo Highlights from 2016 Annual Meeting
» 2016 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards
» Summary of the 2016 Annual Business Meeting

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President's Message
Bruce J. Leavitt, MD, President NESS
Bruce J. Leavitt, MD

It is with a deep honor that I write my first Presidential article for our newsletter. As you know, I am used to writing newsletter articles as your previous editor. I have enjoyed a very memorable career in surgery with several awards and positions held over the years. Being nominated as your President is truly my greatest honor and I will do my best to continue to improve our most treasured society as we move into our second century. For an organization to still be so vibrant 100 years after a group of visionary New England Surgeons founded our society is a testament to our strong membership. I will strive to continue our traditions and also provide leadership this year as we continue to be a part of an ever-changing medical and technological milieu. More...

Editor's Corner: Are There Safe Spaces in Surgery?
Thomas J. Miner, MD, Editor NESS
Thomas J. Miner, MD

I notice that debate over "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings" on college campuses intensified this fall. Initially, the term "trigger warning" was used on blog posts to warn survivors of horrific experiences, such as sexual violence, crime, or torture, of content that might upset or "trigger" them and give the option to read the material when they were better prepared to deal with it. The concept has changed over time from its intent as a warning to trauma survivors to a notion that people may need to be shielded from disturbing ideas. "Safe spaces" emerged with a similar intent to provide refuges for like-minded people, where they don't have to explain or defend their politics, beliefs or practices. Rather than being obliged to discuss potentially offensive material at a time which an outside group unilaterally decides upon, it allows for members to have a say when these "uncomfortable" discussions with outside groups happen. Like many I suspect, I often find this topic frustrating as valid points on both sides of the argument get twisted and become irrationally extreme. This discussion makes me think of my profession, though, and wonder if "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings" do, or should, exist in surgery? More...

Recorders' Message
Walter E. Longo, MD, Recorder NESS
Walter E. Longo, MD

Dear NESS Membership,

I would like to thank those who came to our Centennial Celebration and those who submitted to the Annual Meeting. It was a great meeting in Boston and we are looking forward to our next meeting in Bretton Woods. More...

Notice of 2017 Annual Meeting and Call for Abstracts

2017 Annual Meeting

The NESS' 2017 Annual Meeting will take place September 8-10 at the Omni Mount Washington in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. The abstract submission site is now open; the deadline for submissions is April 3, 2017. Should the NESS receive enough abstracts from a particular specialty (or specialties), the Society will schedule a Specialty Session, the focus of which will be determined by the number and quality of abstracts submitted. More...

Notice of 2017 Resident and Fellow Research Presentation Day

2017 Research Day

The 24th Annual Surgical Resident and Fellow Research Presentation Day will take place Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at the Conference Center at Waltham Woods, within the Massachusetts Medical Society Headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts. The abstract submission deadline is Wednesday, March 22, 2017. More...

Foundation News, including Scholars Research Grant
The purpose of the New England Surgical Scholars Foundation is to provide educational and research support for the NESS. During the past year, Dr. Ronald F. Martin was appointed as the Maine representative on the Board of Directors, while Dr. Artlet G. Kurkchubasche was appointed as President; Dr. Charles H. Salem will continue to serve as Secretary-Treasurer. More...

NESS Job Board
The NESS reminds you to check out its Job Board, where you will find all of the best surgery jobs in New England and beyond, in one place. More...

2017 Dues Renewal
Make sure you remain a part of this vibrant Society by renewing your dues online today! The NESS Executive Committee also strongly encourages Senior members to continue to pay their voluntary dues—especially those still in active practice. More...

Photo Highlights from 2016 Annual Meeting
View photo highlights from the 2016 Annual Meeting.

2016 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards
View the recipients of the Resident and Best Poster Presentation Awards from the 2016 Annual Meeting, supported by the NESS Scholars Foundation. More...

Summary of the 2016 Annual Business Meeting
The 2016 Annual Business Meeting was held on Sunday, September 18th, in the Plaza Ballroom A/B of the Seaport Hotel, in Boston, Massachusetts. More...