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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Summer 2019 Newsletter
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Editor's Corner
Thomas J. Miner, MD, Editor NESS
Thomas J. Miner, MD

Like many of you, I have just started making my travel plans for the NESS Annual meeting in Montreal. I'm particularly excited about attending the meeting this year. In addition to the excellent content and chance to catch up with friends and colleagues, the opportunity to visit our neighbors in Canada seems extra special. It's been decades since I last visited Montreal. I remember the stained glass of the majestic Notre-Dame Basilica and watching the Canadians and Bruins play at the Forum. I have partial recollection of a spontaneous late-night road trip with a couple of classmates during medical school. (We returned safely, and our stories remain protected.) I often find it fascinating, and sometimes magical, to return to places that I have been before. It's fun to reflect on how things look differently from a new perspective that time, place, expectation and experience brings. I recently had an out of the blue opportunity to see Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall in London (a bucket list experience to be sure). Despite a deep appreciation, admiration, and study of his work, the music has come to life to me again in new and meaningful ways. I still can't fully explain the beautiful, complex, layered, and moving rendition (and extra-long introduction) of I Shot the Sheriff. It was magnificent and in ways has changed my point of view in a positive way. These opportunities are rare, but I'll be on the lookout when I return to Canada this fall!

Thomas J. Miner MD