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Summer 2021 Newsletter

Summer 2021 Newsletter
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New Members Elected in 2021

Thirty-five new Active members were elected into the Society in 2021. Please welcome the following:

Reginald Alouidor, MD, Springfield, MA
Kevin G. Billingsley, MD, New Haven, CT
Alexandra Briggs, MD, Lebanon, NH
Muriel A. Cleary, MD, Worcester, MA
James Clune, MD, New Haven, CT
David E. Coletti, MD, Norwich, CT
Christos Colovos, MD, PhD, Burlington, VT
Farokh Demehri, MD, Boston, MA
Frederick T. Drake, MD, PhD, Boston, MA
Peter J. Fagenholz, MD, Boston, MA
Lisa A. Ferzoco, MD, Cambridge, MA
Sidhu P. Gangadharan, MD, Boston, MA
Marcoandrea Giorgi, MD, Providence, RI
Alok Gupta, MD, Boston, MA
Raul J. Guzman, MD, New Haven, CT
James M. Healy, MD, HMS, Hartford, CT
Belinda Hsi Dickie, MD, PhD, Boston, MA
Andrew P. Loehrer, MD, MPH, Lebanon, NH
Sarah Lomas, MD, Berlin, VT
Andrew R. Luhrs, MD, Providence, RI
Michael F. McGrath, MD, Portland, ME
Somala Mohammed, MD, Boston, MA
John Morton, MD, MPH, New Haven, CT
Conor O'Neill, MD, Burlington, VT
Kartik A. Pandya, MD, Portland, ME
Elizabeth J. Renaud, MD, Providence, RI
Richard E. Royal, MD, Portland, ME
Lucy Ruangvoravat, MD, New Haven, CT
Reuben D. Shin, MD, Beverly, MA
Ann D. Smith, MD, West Roxbury, MA
Ulises Torres, MD, MEHP, Worcester, MA
Karl Fabian L. Uy, MD, Worcester, MA
Monica G. Valero, MD, Boston, MA
Benjamin Zendejas-Mummert, MD, Boston, MA

Eleven new Candidate members were elected in 2021. Please welcome the following new Candidate members:

Brendin R. Beaulieu-Jones, MD, Boston, MA
Nathan Coppersmith, MD, New Haven, CT
Maha H Haqqani, MD, Boston, MA
James M. Healy, MD, HMS, Hartford, CT
Danielle R. Heller, MD, New Haven, CT
Anna Kobzeva-Herzog, MD, Boston, MA
Samuel M. Miller, MD, New Haven, CT
Marianna V. Papageorge, MD, New Haven, CT
Stephen E. Ranney, MD, Burlington, VT
Sarah J. Ullrich, MD, MHS, New Haven, CT
Allison R. Wilcox, MD, Lebanon, NH

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