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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Spring 2022 Newsletter
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President's Message
James Whiting, MD
James Whiting, MD

As we emerge from Winter here in New England (as the author Bill Bryson has said, we have 3 seasons here: Winter’s Been, Winter’s Coming and Winter), many of us seem to be struggling to understand how our world has been changed from the 2 year onslaught of cultural and workplace changes that Covid has either caused or catalyzed. Even as the masks fall on the airlines and in grocery stores, and as supply chains start to inch back towards normal in the outside world, we are all reminded of the presence of this virus every time we step inside our hospitals, and I ask myself every day what changes are permanent and what ones are not. The New England Surgical Society is no different in this respect. Research Day this year will be virtual, not because we couldn’t hold it in person, but because we felt that the event would lend itself to the virtual format and whatever was lost by not being in person would be more than made up by the advantages of virtual. Our executive committee will likewise be meeting virtually and I think it’s safe to say that the old fashioned conference call is a goner, probably deservedly. As we make these transitions, it is incumbent on us to try and preserve the aspects of our institutions and activities that we value most. At least for me, when I consider the New England Surgical Society, that aspect is the friendships and network of surgeons that I’ve come to know over the years and now consider friends as well as colleagues. It’s why we felt so strongly about getting back to an in-person annual meeting last year, and why we are so looking forward to this year’s meeting in Boston. If this pandemic has taught us anything, I hope it’s helped us all value those relationships and has prevented us from taking them for granted. Hope to see you soon! (virtually or in person).

James Whiting, MD

Newsletter Editor's Corner
Jennifer LaFemina, MD, Editor NESS
Jennifer LaFemina, MD

As we have been preparing this edition of the newsletter, I reflect on why I feel fortunate to be part of New England Surgical Society. I have personally reaped the benefits of NESS since I was a General Surgery resident, during which time it provided me opportunities to present my research and opened up doors of mentorship that have been integral in my career development in Surgical Oncology. Jump forward a few years (and many grey hairs) later, the attributes of membership have grown and expanded. As a Program Director, NESS provides our residents with a multitude of professional development experiences, ranging from networking to research presentation at the Annual Meeting and the Annual Resident and Surgical Fellow Research Day and to the opportunity for Candidate Membership and committee involvement. As a faculty member, I have been invigorated by the opportunities to take part in committees, review manuscripts, write commentaries, learn about the future of DEI in surgery in actionable ways that I can bring back to our training program, and learn about the ground-breaking science across all aspects of surgery that we are so fortunate to house here in New England. We hope through this Winter newsletter that you too will see the greatness of this Society for its members through the lens of its leadership with new newsletter additions from the DEI Committee and Candidate Members.

Jennifer LaFemina, MD

Secretary's Message
Thomas J. Miner, MD, Secretary NESS
Thomas J. Miner, MD

Over the past several years, the executive committee has worked to address the problem of maintaining optimal membership numbers. Although many members of the society have appreciated a smaller and more intimate group, it has become clear that such a small sized group is unable to financially support the society and maintain the robust activities and desirable meeting venues that so many appreciate and value. This issue has been further compounded by the fact that larger numbers of Active members are anticipated to be transferring to Senior status soon. To an extent this issue has been successfully addressed by improved outreach and programing to new members. For the second year in a row the number of Active applicants will be capping at the 35-member per year maximum thereby delaying entry into the society for some. More...

Program Chair's Message
Ali Tavakkoli, MD
Ali Tavakkoli, MD

The Program Committee is grateful for the support of the entire membership for helping to make the 2021 return to in-person meeting a successful one. This year, we are exciting to be in Boston for the 103rd annual meeting which will be held at Revere Hotel Boston Common between September 16-18, 2022.

Responding to the membership feedback, we have made a few changes to our program format including moving the annual Samuel Jason Mixter lectureship to Saturday, offering more panel discussion and debates, and moving the Poster of Distinction presentation to a time that will allow increasing membership participation. With these changes, the program continues its commitment to present the best surgical research and highlight the newest innovations in clinical practice. Please help us to accomplish these goals by submitting your abstracts and urging your colleagues and Residents to do the same.

Excited to see you all in Boston!


Ali Tavakkoli, MD
NESS Program Chair

State Representative Updates
David McAneny, MD
David McAneny, MD
Massachusetts State

Massachusetts Representative Update
Massachusetts has certainly not been spared the latest surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the omicron variant is typically not as debilitating as prior virus mutations have been, it is much more communicable. This illness has profoundly affected staff at our hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation units. The resulting hospital congestion has prevented us from performing “non-essential” operations that require in-patient hospital stays since Thanksgiving 2021, and that same ban extended to all but the most urgent essential operations in January, 2022. Thankfully, as of mid-February, relief is in sight as the Commonwealth has allowed some non-essential operations to be performed once again. Although many surgeons face daunting backlogs of postponed operations, we are familiar with the work that lies ahead on behalf of our patients. I extend my gratitude to and respect for all of my Massachusetts colleagues and wish them the best during the coming Spring. More...

Notice of Proposed Bylaw Changes

The NESS By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds electronic vote of the membership within 30 days following the Annual Meeting of the Society when it has been proposed, provided that the proposed alteration has been approved by the Executive Committee and electronically circulated to the Society at least 60 days preceding the vote. More...

Notice of 2022 Annual Meeting

Notice of 2022 Annual Meeting

The NESS’ 2022 Annual Meeting will take place September 16-18, 2022 at the Revere Hotel Boston Common, in Boston, Massachusetts..

The NESS welcomes abstract submissions from all surgical disciplines. Should the NESS receive enough abstracts from a particular specialty (or specialties), the Society will schedule a Specialty Session, the focus of which will be determined by the number and quality of abstracts submitted. Read the Author Instructions for additional information.

Submissions for both the Annual Meeting and Resident & Fellow Research Day will be accepted through the same submission site. You will be instructed to select if you would like to submit for consideration and one or both of the meetings during the submission process.

Notice of 2022 Surgical Resident and Fellow Research Day

Notice of 2022 Surgical Resident and Fellow Research Day

The 28th Annual Surgical Resident and Fellow Research Presentation Day will take place virtually on May 11, 2022. Please visit the NESS Research Day webpage to learn about the program, review the abstract submission guidelines, and complete your submission. Abstract submissions are welcome from all surgical disciplines from any surgical training program, including fellowship, in the New England region, as well as from Albany Medical Center.

And remember that, per NESS By-Laws, either attendance at Research Presentation Day or inclusion as an author of an abstract submitted for consideration for presentation at Research Presentation Day meets the Society's active participation requirement—so please consider attending the 2022 program and co-authoring an abstract.

Submissions for both the Annual Meeting and Resident & Fellow Research Day will be accepted through the same submission site. You will be instructed to select if you would like to submit for consideration and one or both of the meetings during the submission process

2021 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

The Resident and Best Poster Presentation Awards from the 2021 Annual Meeting, supported by the NESS Scholars Foundation are: More...

Summary of the 2021 Annual Business Meeting

The 2021 Annual Business Meeting was held on Sunday, September 26, 2021. More...

Task Force on Diversity & Inclusivity

The Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion of the New England Surgical Society has worked to find opportunities to enhance the membership and Society activities through increased engagement and diversity of our members. Our mission is to enhance the organization's established history of promoting surgery and to continue cultivating an environment of mutual respect, equity, and inclusion. As we move forward, we have set two short-term goals:

  1. Establish the baseline demographics of the current membership body of the NESS; and
  2. Identify how the NESS might better serve its membership with an eye to the shared values of respect, equity, and inclusion.
We need your help! Please update your membership profile
by answering all of the newly added demographic questions to support this critical organizational initiative to strengthen the NESS. Responses will be for internal use only and will be used exclusively to understand the composition of NESS' membership and to identify areas where further mentorship and sponsorship can be of value.

NESS Task Force on Diversity & Inclusivity

Dues Renewal

Make sure you remain a part of this vibrant Society; if you have not already done so, renew your dues online today by logging into the Members Only Area. There you also have the option to print a copy of your invoice and mail or fax it in with payment.

The NESS Executive Committee also strongly encourages Senior members to continue to pay their voluntary dues—especially those still in active practice.

Committee and Representative Listing

View 2021-2022 Committees and Representatives.

NESS Job Board

The NESS reminds you to check out its Job Board, where you will find all of the best surgery jobs in New England and beyond, in one place. More...