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Winter 2024 Newsletter

Winter 2024 Newsletter
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Secretary’s Message
Jacqueline J. Wu, MD
Jacqueline J. Wu, MD

Since I started my journey to becoming a surgeon many years ago, I have noticed thealbeit slow, but positive shift away from the “old boys club” that surgery once was. Surgical departments and surgical societies have made efforts to become more inclusive, and New England Surgical Society is no different. With changes made that no longer limited our membership numbers, as well as active recruitment efforts, our numbers continue to grow, allowing us to continue to provide activities, such as our Annual Meeting. In addition, with our DEI committee, we have an eye on how diverse our membership is and if it is an accurate reflection of New England’s population of surgeons. One way of doing so is by making a change in our bylaws to allow candidate members to be certified by boards other than the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). This change will hopefully allow for more international medical graduates to become NESS members.

As our membership numbers grow and give us a strong and stable financial outlook, NESS is able to continue to provide robust and enticing events such as our Annual Meeting and our Resident and Fellow Research Day. Looking at the meeting locations in the future always brings a smile to my face since they are always in a fun-filled location. When I really think why that smile is there though, it’s not just the location, it’s so many things: the thought given to a stimulating program with current hot topics, the prowess of the speakers that are invited, the fascinating dinner speaker and the Nathan Smith Distinguished Service Award winners. Mostly though, what brings the smile to my face is knowing that I will see so many friends and colleagues in one place – a place that promotes surgical excellence and scholarship, but also inclusivity and the sense of belonging.

I look forward to serving NESS as your secretary and hope to see many of you at Resident and Fellow Research Day in May and the Annual Meeting in Burlington, VT, in the fall.


Jacqueline Wu, MD
NESS Secretary